If you have come across (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, you must have also heard the term Backlink. Now, backlinks are the vital part of SEO. But, it isn’t the only thing which falls under SEO, but it covers the significant aspect of it.

A site is considered to be essential if it has many inbound links that come in and the backlinks which redirect to that site come from the very reliable sources. If you decide to ask a professional the primary ranking factor for a site to rank higher in search engine, the only answer you’ll get is quality backlinks.

You now know that quality backlinks are the main reason for a site to rank, you have to remember that bad backlinks can also be a reason for your website to fall and be penalized.

In this content, we’ll be informing you everything you need to know about backlinks that include what is backlink, how does it work and how do they benefit Search Engine Optimization. Read on!

What is Backlink and how does it work?

Let’s begin our discussion with the definition of Backlink.

Now, what is Backlink?

A backlink is nothing but just the link to your website. In other words, when a website or web page has a hyper link or clickable link, that redirect to the site is known as a backlink. Typically this link is generated using desired anchor text, something like “Raleigh Fence” for the hyper link. 

Your site is considered relevant and trustworthy in search engine’s eye if it has a lot of backlinks which are coming from some reliable sources. And concerning backlinks, the high-quality matter so much over the backlinks quantity.

A quality backlink is the one that is coming from the Authority site and has some relevance to the content. It means the backlink that is redirecting to your site should be from the same niche and has to be real.

If your site is about technology and the page is linked to a site which is health oriented that kind of link is said to be irrelevant, and it impacts negatively on the site.

Why is Backlink so Important?

Most search engines, particularly Google measure the site relevancy through some backlinks a site has. Now, Google considers that in case the web page is always linked by the other pages, it has to have the quality and which is the main backlink reason.

Besides, as a website offers a backlink to your site, it passes link juice to the page that helps your site rank higher on your search engine.

Another major benefit of producing backlinks in Search Engine Optimization is to have more organic traffic. As I have said above, search engines like Google provide emphasis more to the pages which have the higher number of quality backlinks. Therefore, that page with many relevant backlinks ranks higher than other pages on Google leading to higher traffic.

Also, another major benefit of backlinks in Search Engine Optimization is its faster indexing. Now, it is said that a site that has a higher amount of backlink get discovered quicker by a search engine bot. So, your pages are indexed faster in Google than others.


First of all, a citation is any mention of a business’s name, address, and phone number on the web. That means a citation is a good thing. It helps search engines like Google measure the value of your business to their customers. Lots of mentions (citations) means people are interested in what you have to offer.

A citation site is a directory in which you can get your business listed with your location, and include something about who you are and what you have to offer. Many of them allow for comments so you can register with these sites and then direct your happy customers to say good things about you on them.

Citation sites create backlinks, as well as exposure and that, is important. The great Google looks for links coming to your site and measures your importance accordingly. Backlinks are not all created equally either. People placing backlinks in forums and on every blog they can spam are missing the point. Backlinks from directories make sense because they serve the public by helping them find valuable information. They are good backlinks. They are not the only backlinks that are of value, but they are a good start.

The short version is the more citations a business has, the more important it appears to the big guns like Google but it’s not just about the number of citations a business has, but the content of these citations and where they appear as well.The majority of the generators will simply ask you to develop a form where you enter the information and facts from your resources you wish to report. After that, you can click a button that usually says “Make Citations” to finally generate the correct bibliography or abrégé. When everything is produced, you can now replicate and paste the details on your paper.

Google themselves have created the most important citation site in the world. That being Google Places. You can become a favorite with Google Places by registering your business and pointing links from these other citation sites at your page in Google Places. It is fast simple and the basic requirement of online marketing.

The impact on your business can be fantastic.

When people search for a business with what you have to offer your business could be one of seven Google is serving up on the map from Google places as front page news! They will target your customers for you locally and do it for FREE. Then they will show you how to use paid ads to increase the results. More than fair, I think. Back in the day when the yellow pages were the most important directory for small business the bigger and more colorful your ad the easier you were to find. It also cost you a lot more money. Google Places is FREE to publish in and there is no catch!!The trick is to be first to take action and to do it right. That means getting listed in at least the Top Ten Canadian Citation Sites. These things change daily, so I’m not going to list them here. It is easy enough to search them out. Use Google and search.



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Facebook Ads


With Facebook now past a total of 500 million users worldwide, the topic of Facebook ads is worth looking into. Facebook ads are an excellent method to drive traffic to a page, or even to your website – through the clicks are quite expensive, so you had better be sure your landing page converts well. We’ll assume you’re trying to drive traffic to a Facebook fan page or get people to “like” something or share something on Facebook.

Here, we’ll outline how to create one of these pay-per-click/pay-per-impression ads, along with the arguments for and against using them for real estate.

To begin with, you’ll need to decide what to include in your ad. Facebook ads are based primarily on text, so strong copy is essential. Because your ads are going to be displayed down the right-hand side of the screen, a snappy, attention-grabbing headline is also important. In the body of the ad, you’re limited to 135 characters, so spend some time refining your copy to get as much information in as possible.

An enticing picture of the area you represent is also worth considering before you upload a picture of yourself. Remember: home hunters are primarily focused on where they’re going to live rather than who’s going to help them find their new home.

Now that you have a catchy headline, engaging body text, and a great picture, it’s time to select who’s going to see your ad. Facebook lets you refine viewers by country, state, city, age, gender, keywords, education level, and even whether it’s the user’s birthday or not when they see the ad.

If those options weren’t enough, you can go on to limit viewers by the name of their workplace, relationship status, whether they’re interested in men or women, their languages, connections (pages, events, groups or applications), and friends of connections.

After all that, Facebook gives you an estimate of how many users are going to see your ad. The final step is to set your daily budget, and choose whether you want to pay for impressions or clicks. Once you’ve entered the amount you’re willing to pay per-click or per-impression, Facebook will give you an estimate of the number of clicks or impressions you can expect to receive.

While all of the above reasons seem to be convincing to any business to choose Facebook ads for online marketing, there is one more reason to want Facebook Ads, and it is the Conversion Tracking and Facebook Insight. While Facebook Insights gives you an actionable and detailed overview of how your ad is performing and how people are responding to your ad on Facebook, Conversion Tracking allows you to measure the conversion rate or lead generation rate in other words. But just because the jury is still out on whether Facebook ads are a worthwhile investment doesn’t mean you can’t give them a try. If you do decide to use them, remember to track your results, and adjust your ads accordingly.

If people like something and then find nothing worthwhile there, they’ll either un-like it or just never visit the page, or remove it from their feed. Then you will have paid for a subscriber you can’t access. Make sure there is something for them at the page they get to when they click on your ad or like your page.


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Google AdWords

Every businessperson wants to be successful. This is the reason why most business people advertise their products and services. You will note that there is a lot of competition in the business world and it doesn’t matter if you’re a tech startup or One has to invest more resources in marketing strategies. You can promote your products both online and offline. You will note that technology is changing rapidly. Nowadays, most business are promoting their products online. You just need to create a website for your business. When it’s time to start driving traffic towards a website, there are a number of options that are available. One of the most powerful and cost effective method is using Google Adwords. You will note that Google Adwords relies on text-based advertising in order to drive traffic towards websites.

Google Adwords is basically the online advertising platform that is owned and operated by Google. Adwords is also the largest and most widely used online advertising network in the world. There are several tips that can help you use Google Adwords in your business. These include:

1. Start with keyword research

Keywords are very essential for your website. You will note that these are the words that most visitors key-in when searching for content online. You need to include these keywords in your web content so that your content can be found online. You should choose those keywords that are closely related to your web content.

2. Ensure that you create an optimized landing page.

It is important that you direct your ads to a landing page so that people can view and download your content. Before creating your ads, you should ensure that your landing page is search engine optimized. In addition, it should be optimized for conversion. You should target specific keywords in the SEO elements of your page. These include: Meta descriptions, headers, page titles and so forth.

3. Create an Adwords campaign

It is important that you begin with a search only network campaign when creating a new campaign in Adwords. This is because you will only be targeting search keywords online. However, once you have customized your settings and set your bid and budget, you can readily create an ad group within that campaign.

4. Ensure that you measure your results

The main reason of running these campaigns is to increase conversions. This is the reason why you should monitor your Adwords metrics such as click-through rate, cost-per-click and so forth. In addition, you should ensure that you are also measuring the number of conversions your ads are driving and your cost-per-conversion. This above metrics can help you determine the effectiveness of your Adword campaigns.

Most people have used Google Adwords to market their products and services in the past and have enjoyed the results. Google Adwords can help you become more competitive in the business world. You will note that this method of advertising is normally cost effective. It can help you make more sales and eventually more profits. You have a responsibility over your business. Use Google Adwords today and you will not regret. It is truly incredible.



What is SEO?

SEO is not a complex thing to understand it starts with the marketing campaign for a website, like this one:, which includes link building, social bookmarking, classified ads, posting advertisement and marketing on the website. But why are these things were done, which can be quite expensive and a lengthy process? So, here we discuss the benefits of doing SEO services.

Benefits of SEO Services

Wide audience
Whereas other traditional modes of advertising like television and newspaper adverts are restricted to a specific geographical area, being able to market your business effectively online opens your business up to a global audience. No other marketing forum can reach a wider audience than this.

Not only does using SEO Services bring you a larger number of potential clients but it does so at a fraction of the cost of other modes of marketing. To make a TV advert, you will have to high a production crew and actors to shoot the video then negotiate with a TV station to air it. Websites do not require all that. You can hire one person to build your website and optimize it.

Added convenience
Enabling your site to handle online buyers will provide you with a ready market. Once you have used SEO Services to optimize your site, you will mainly attract people who are interested in just the kind of product and services you provide. Once they find they can simply conduct their business on your site, they will make orders without having to come to your premises. This will mean greater convenience for them and you as you will have received payment even before sending out the goods. Some businesses operate as strictly online stores, meaning no wastage of space for displays.

Monitoring effectiveness of SEO campaign
Part of SEO Services is being able to measure the effectiveness of a campaign. This can be done by monitoring the number of visits to the site that result in actual sales and how often users connect to the business site through backlinks and from search engines.

An important aspect of SEO Services is the incorporation of backlinks. Backlinks provide visitors to a business website with access to other sites they can get similar or complementary information on what they are searching for. They are also able to see other content related to all the areas of the business. When optimizing your business site, you should not fear to provide users with access to other sites and their content. Providing access to other relevant information online serves to boost a business sites reputation. It also benefits the business as the same sites being linked to will also link back to them. A business can also provide links to other relevant and interactive content like videos and social networking sites. The more varied the content, the more appealing it will be to visitors.

Effective SEO Services ensure that the content on the site is pertinent and engaging. To keep clients coming back to visit, the content must also be interesting. This means keywords must be closely and correctly linked so that internet users can quickly and appropriately select your site. Once they land on the site, they must be kept engaged and be able to identify and make their purchases easily. As part of SEO Services, be sure to update your content as often as possible so that regular visitors can view something new with each visit.

Starting Out

There are so many informative videos on YouTube with tons of great information about SEO.  If you have some free time it would be well worth your while to go through some of them and see what tips you can pick up.  This one is one of my favorites, it was one of the first ones that I saw when I started SEO.  It goes over some of the places to start when you’re working with a new company.  Check it out!