Facebook Ads


With Facebook now past a total of 500 million users worldwide, the topic of Facebook ads is worth looking into. Facebook ads are an excellent method to drive traffic to a page, or even to your website – through the clicks are quite expensive, so you had better be sure your landing page converts well. We’ll assume you’re trying to drive traffic to a Facebook fan page or get people to “like” something or share something on Facebook.

Here, we’ll outline how to create one of these pay-per-click/pay-per-impression ads, along with the arguments for and against using them for real estate.

To begin with, you’ll need to decide what to include in your ad. Facebook ads are based primarily on text, so strong copy is essential. Because your ads are going to be displayed down the right-hand side of the screen, a snappy, attention-grabbing headline is also important. In the body of the ad, you’re limited to 135 characters, so spend some time refining your copy to get as much information in as possible.

An enticing picture of the area you represent is also worth considering before you upload a picture of yourself. Remember: home hunters are primarily focused on where they’re going to live rather than who’s going to help them find their new home.

Now that you have a catchy headline, engaging body text, and a great picture, it’s time to select who’s going to see your ad. Facebook lets you refine viewers by country, state, city, age, gender, keywords, education level, and even whether it’s the user’s birthday or not when they see the ad.

If those options weren’t enough, you can go on to limit viewers by the name of their workplace, relationship status, whether they’re interested in men or women, their languages, connections (pages, events, groups or applications), and friends of connections.

After all that, Facebook gives you an estimate of how many users are going to see your ad. The final step is to set your daily budget, and choose whether you want to pay for impressions or clicks. Once you’ve entered the amount you’re willing to pay per-click or per-impression, Facebook will give you an estimate of the number of clicks or impressions you can expect to receive.

While all of the above reasons seem to be convincing to any business to choose Facebook ads for online marketing, there is one more reason to want Facebook Ads, and it is the Conversion Tracking and Facebook Insight. While Facebook Insights gives you an actionable and detailed overview of how your ad is performing and how people are responding to your ad on Facebook, Conversion Tracking allows you to measure the conversion rate or lead generation rate in other words. But just because the jury is still out on whether Facebook ads are a worthwhile investment doesn’t mean you can’t give them a try. If you do decide to use them, remember to track your results, and adjust your ads accordingly.

If people like something and then find nothing worthwhile there, they’ll either un-like it or just never visit the page, or remove it from their feed. Then you will have paid for a subscriber you can’t access. Make sure there is something for them at the page they get to when they click on your ad or like your page.


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